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Loading plan is important to operate ship safely and effectively.
LOAD Ace is a computer system to calculate longitudinal strength and many other things, necessary for loading plan, accurately in a short time, using preset her own data.
Features of system
* Low price and high performance.
* Easy glance and operation with multi-windows.
* Enough small and light Portable PC.
* To be approved by NK and has more full functions.
Details of calculation
(1) Auto-loading
You can execute auto-loading function when you input load data. Weight of cargo or ballast of each hold or tank is automatically calculated.
(2) Long. strength
Displacement, draft and trim are calculated. Shearing force, maximum shearing force, bending moment, maximum bending moment and percentage value of allowable limits of ocean-going at calculating points are indicated in a table. And graphs are illustrated to enable you to grasp the stress distribution at a glance.
(3) Trim
Displacement, center of gravity, draft, trim, transverse metacentric height(GoM), and propeller immersion are calculated. Navigation visibility and Air draft are calculated.
(4) Stabillity
Transverse metacentric height(GoM), flooding angle, dynamic stability in compliance with the IMO RESOLUTION and grain stability in compliance with the SOLAS Rules of 1974 are calculated. And graphs are illustrated to enable you to grasp the stability performance at a glance.
(5) Displacement
Displacement, draft, trim and heeling angle are calculated corresponding measured draft at stem, midship, and stern.
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