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*** There are not job offers at present. ***
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We propose several education programs, so called "Career Plan".
This education programs starts for the new comer training, followed by the education for becoming System Engineer(S.E.) and on the job training.
To get the knowledge required in this trade, "Career Plan" include as follows.
* Intra company study
* Symposiums
* Seminars
* Business shows
* Abroad trip training
* Acquired program for S.E. qualification
The program called "My Field" is prepared for persons who can play as specialists in their desired field.
Another special system is "Dream Time", where you can consume about 5% of your business hours for your invention, unique ideas and skilled techniques.
Every year our employees are evaluated for their abilities and accomplishments.
Their salary, position and bonuses depends on the results of this evaluation.
Here are included the individual abilities, accomplishments and their division achievement.
We, SAKURAI Engineering Inc., will evaluate each person's ability and accomplishment properly and we are proud to proceed a flexible and objective evaluation for our employees.
*** There are not job offers at present. ***
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